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FN® Expert


FN® Expert for sale


FN® Expert

The FN® Expert is a marksmanship training system that provides instruction to both shooters and coaches. The system focuses on training fundamental shooting skills (sight picture, breathing, trigger squeeze, etc.), building muscle memory and providing feedback following the shot. It is a wireless system capable of dry-fire and live-fire training on virtually any rifle or carbine. The system can be used on the shooters assigned weapon, together with any optics or accessories the shooter already has. It can be used indoors with simulated shooting distances, or outdoors with life-size targets and real shooting distances (up to 300m). It measures rifle movement, detects the shot, shows the location of both the hit and miss, and analyzes the shooter’s performance. Develops coaching skills by providing objective tools to measure shooter performance and visual output to coaches with problem definition.



  • CALIBER: Any rifle, carbine, and selected pistols
  • OPERATION: Autonomous or Windows 8.1x, 7
  • WEIGHT: 13 oz.


Measurable improvement in shot grouping and ability to qualify

Build basic marksmanship skills, muscle memory and confidence

Excellent tool for NCO/SNCOs coaching subordinates

Use prior to qualification or EST/ISMT event

Immediate, measurable improvement in individual marksmanship

Direct, measurable improvement in individual qualification

Measurable improvement in Unit Readiness

Reduce cost for basic marksmanship training.

Dramatic reduction in unqualified shooters

Reduction in range travel and other logistics costs

Improved individual marksmanship prior to Engagement Skills Training

Provide home station training that improves basic sight alignment, steady hold and muscle memory improvement.

Useful to unit marksmanship team/competitive event training

Ready to use in minutes by any shooter

Fully portable, training anywhere and anytime

Wireless operation

Rugged construction, indoor and outdoor use

Indoor training at simulated distances

Outdoors at real shooting distances

Ring or silhouette targets

Single or multiple targets

Passive and active targets



Requires 6 MB storage within applications directory

Supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity using drivers provided by computer

Can operate using USB cabled connection

Used IR-LED light (no laser)

Supports up to two concurrent shooters plus coach

Stores no personal identifying information (PII)

Does not require network connectivity (air gapped)


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